Singer: Lessdmv
Guitar/Vocals: Alex Beneath
Guitar: Jay Mourne
Bass: Hades Faith
Drums: Tony Michael

"Lessdmv" are a rock band based in Helsinki, Finland.
The band originally formed in Germany 2013 as a solo project of their lead singer and main songwriter Julian Larre, and nowadays they're a 5-piece consisting of Less, Alex Beneath (rhythm guitar/backing vocals) Jay Mourne (lead guitar), Hades Faith (bass) and Tony Michael (drums). The band has released 2 EP's and a full-length studio album Epitaph (2015). They are currently working on the second full-length album, to be released in 2017 2018.​


Julian Larre (born 18 June 1992) better known as "Less", started to play the guitar and learn music theory as a kid supported by his family to eventually get into music academy, where he started to write songs and play some acoustic gigs with some of his friends. In 2008 he started a metal band, and around that time he started working with Lessdmv's current producer Oscar Brash and Johannes Re, while building his own rock-metal project.

After earning some experience with his first band, Julian began to focus on his solo project. In early 2013 he released the first LESSDMV EP, and started to get some international attention. He decided to part ways with the other band to work on his solo project full-time. Another EP was released in September 2013, while writing the first full-length album Epitaph. The first single of the album "My Sweet Surrender" was released in 2014 with a music video, and the album came out in September 2015, followed by a new single "Deadline" in February 2016. The newer material could be described as a fresh combination of alternative rock and electronic music, mixing powerful guitars and vocals with dark emotional melodies and gothic elements. In 2016 Julian moved to Finland due to personal reasons, and decided to form a band there. He met the lead guitarist Jay Mourne in a party, and the manhunt for the rest of the members began. It all came together in January 2017, when Tony, Alex and Hades joined the family, and the band started to work together for what is coming up in the future.



Muse, Devin Townsend, Vildhjarta, Solstafir, Radiohead, Depeche Mode, Guns N' Roses, Avenged Sevenfold


"The Epitaph" is the name of the official sign and logo of the project, designed by Julian in 2009 and meaning "the compass to death - the key of life". It's tattooed on Julian's left arm, and can also be seen on the albums artwork and merch.

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