Dear diary, the ideas are hitting my head with no mercy, one by one sketching billions of possibilities. Melodies, videos and pictures running inside, wildly sinking me in the ocean of creators. It was around 12:00 in the morning when it happen again. I was walking in the east of Helsinki, singing an unknown melody that I just came up with while wondering if this one would deserve a title and a place on the set-list. But then again, quickly this developed into something else. I looked around me and said "There is so much to write about, so much to sing and film... so much to climb". For a second I wished someone would be filming what I was living what my eyes were seeing and then  just record this words speaking out load my thoughts maybe someday someone would see. As my walk was coming to it's end, I decided to start making love through this words to those who will read a little secret page of mine, from time to time. Dear diary, dear shadows.